Open Access Week

This week is the first International Open Access Week. You can find more information here for the international events, or here for the Dutch website, to which I gave my modest contribution. I am truly convinced that making publications available online in open access is a great start. And the next step is to do the same for your code and data!

2 thoughts on “Open Access Week

  1. Some Random Internet Dude

    I haven’t seen any of the reproducible research people discussing the foolishness of the East Anglia CRU — clearly, if they had been using any basic concepts of literate programming they wouldn’t be up the creek.

    Such “famous” figures using such archaic methods, with much in the balance.

    Just something to think about: when big-picture science and international politics collide, shouldn’t the core science be based around a methodological philosophy of reproducible research?

    Wouldn’t it have been great if they could have had several Sweave files ready to go?


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