Monthly Archives: June 2011

Quiet times, busy times

It’s been quiet here over the past months… which is actually a sign for how busy real life has been over that period, and how lousy I have been at posting and updating here, and reacting on the little tidbits in my mailbox.

So let’s get things started and more active again over here.

Earlier this month I gave a talk on reproducible research at a mini-symposium “Store, Share and Cite” at TU Delft (The Netherlands). Together with the other technical universities in The Netherlands, they have created a data center for long-term storing of data sets. Great initiative. The mini-symposium was also very interesting, with talks also from other data centers and publishers. In my opinion too much of a library activity, and not enough ‘real’ researchers joining, but I think that’s always difficult. Hey, there were some, and I believe they were interested.