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Non-reproducible works: Retraction Watch

While preparing my talk last week in Leuven, I wanted to update the slide with non-reproducible results making news headlines. Unfortunately, it’s always very easy to find recent material for that slide…

An interesting site which I recently discovered in that respect, is RetractionWeb: an overview of retracted works. And when reading some of the recent posts, I can fully see how the authors have a hard time keeping up with all related news. The authors also describe why they started this blog. Great site! Sad to see so much news on it.

It has been silent here for a while again, which by no means implies that people promoting reproducible research were sitting still. is a site set up by Victoria Stodden and her colleagues at Columbia university. It invites everyone to upload their research compendia (paper with source code) onto the site. It has a clean interface, and the source code for the site is maintained at GitHub. Currently the site already contains more than 200 compendia, maybe soon also yours?