Monthly Archives: September 2009

Research data. Who cares?

Today I attended the mini-symposium “Research data. Who cares?“, organized by Leon Osinski at TU Eindhoven. The symposium was organized at the startup of the 3TU.Data Centre, an organization by the 3 Dutch Technical Universities’ libraries for the storage, sharing and preservation of research data. I gave a presentation there about my experiences with reproducible research.

Another presentation there that I liked a lot was given by Pieter Van Gorp, about “SHARE” (Sharing Hosted Autonomous Research Environments). This is an exciting setup he developed. It allows a researcher to put his research results in a safe and well-controlled environment on a virtual machine. Other researchers can then login to that virtual machine, and reproduce the results in exactly the same environment as used by the author, as if they are working on the author’s machine. While I am not entirely sure yet about its advantage for my typical Matlab scripts (that do not require complex installations), it is certainly of tremendous help when presenting more complex tools and results. Seems like a great step towards one-click reproducing of results, and I am certainly going to try it out!

Welcome (back) !

Welcome (or welcome back) on this blog! September 1st, a good moment for a (new) start!

First of all, I’d like to welcome all readers from John Cook’s Reproducible Ideas blog at I hope I’ll be able to live up to the standards John has set.

And of course also welcome to readers, and readers that join from

This blog has been created when merging and I’ve taken this occasion to merge John’s posts (and thus keep those links valid) with my earlier posts on two different sites: and that are related to reproducible research.

I hope I’ll be able to write many interesting posts here. Please feel free to comment on any of my writings! If you would be interested in writing guest posts, please let me know!