Reproducible network benchmarks

I just found out about  coNCePTuaL, a project that promotes reproducible research in the context of performance measurements for high-speed computer networks.  (The capitalized letters in the name stand for Network Correctness and Performance Testing Language.)

The project is located at and is described in the paper Reproducible network benchmarks with coNCePTuaL by Scott Pakin of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Some of the highlights of coNCePTuaL:

  • Performance tests (timed network-communication patterns) are described in a precise but English-like “executable pseudocode” designed for basic readability, even by someone not familiar with coNCePTuaL.
  • Output files produced by coNCePTuaL-based performance tests include not only the measurements but the code describing the  test itself and a detailed description of the experimental platform on which the code ran.  This enables a third party to see exactly what was run, how it was run, and what the results were, all in one file.
  • coNCePTuaL can automatically produce space-time diagrams of the communication pattern for additional clarity of presentation.

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