Middlebury Stereo

An article close to my current work on 3D now:

D. Scharstein and R. Szeliski, A taxonomy and evaluation of dense two-frame stereo correspondence algorithms, International Journal of Computer Vision, 47(1/2/3), pp. 7-42, April-June 2002.

In their article, Scharstein and Szeliski make a comparison of stereo estimation algorithms. But they do not just offer this overview of algorithms. On their webpage, they also provide the source code, and a widely used dataset of stereo images. They also invite other researchers to try their own algorithm on this dataset, and upload the results. This has resulted over the years in a performance comparison of almost 50 stereo algorithms, nicely listed on their webpage.

A nice example of what reproducible research can do! I think we need a lot more of these comparisons on common (representative) datasets.

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