Reproducible Research in Medicine

I just read the following article:

C. Laine, S. N. Goodman, M. E. Griswold, and H. C. Sox, Reproducible Research: Moving toward Research the Public Can Really Trust, Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 146, Nr. 6, pp. 450-453, 2007.

A very interesting article, about how the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” is promoting reproducible research. They do not require that all papers are reproducible, but they do ask the authors of each paper whether theirs is reproducible or not. If it is reproducible, they provide links to the protocol, data, or statistical code that was used.

While, certainly in medicine, this still does not guarantee that the entire research work is reproducible, it does give a lot of additional information (and credibility) about the presented work. I (as an ignorant researcher) also found it very interesting to read the description of the thorough editorial process that each paper undergoes. I have put an overview of reproducible research initiatives by journals on our RR links page. That is, the initiatives I know about of course. Feel free to let me know if you know other examples!

This initiative was (among others) initiated by an article about this topic by Peng et al. It would be great if other journals take over these examples, and reproducible research becomes the ‘default’ for a paper…

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