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I think it’s probably a lot easier, and more consistent, if instead of making a web page for each RR paper we do (, we have a setup (a bit) like Infoscience, where everyone can enter publications by filling in the required and optional fields. I would like to build such a setup based on EPrints ( and make it public, such that other labs/universities can also easily set up a similar server. We will probably let the people from EPrints develop this system, but for that we need accurate requirements… So your comments on this would be very welcome!

I was thinking about the following fields:
– standard publication fields (title, author, reviewing status, journal, volume, number, pages, year, DOI, abstract, keywords, PDF, publisher, official URL)
– specifically for RR:
* code and data (in a zip archive, specifying also the type of code), mandatory
* tested configurations, mandatory
* contact e-mail address, mandatory
* figures, optional
– additional features for readers (cfr for an example of the last)
* a check box saying ‘I have tested this code and it runs/does not run’
* a check box saying ‘I was/was not able to reproduce the results described in this paper’
* a field where anyone can add comments

Any comments? More/less things needed?
Some specific questions:
– should we make these ‘Additional features’ linked to a name and/or date or so, such that we can avoid the author clicking 10 times? 😉
– should we separate code and data? Data might get quite large, while code is generally small.

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