New paper in forensic bioinformatics

Keith Baggerly and Kevin Coombes have just published a great paper about forensic bioinformatics: “Deriving chemosensitivity from cell lines: forensic bioinformatics and reproducible research in high-throughput biology.” The article will appear in the next issue of Annals of Applied Statistics and is available here.

The blog post Make up your own rules of probability discusses a couple of the innovative rules of probability Baggerly and Coombes discovered while reverse engineering bioinformatics articles.

Note that the Reproducible Ideas blog is winding down. I’m in the process of handing over the domain to the owners of Eventually the .net site will move over to the .org name.

2 thoughts on “New paper in forensic bioinformatics

  1. vinodh sri

    I am an advocate of reproducible research and a big fan of initiative. I went over the paper on forensic bioinformatics briefly and found some of the data-sources hyper links are broken. It will be worth it coming up with a topic in this blog that talks about “Staying connected with all the raw materials to enable a better reproducible research”.

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