Monthly Archives: July 2007

Reproducible Research in Blogosphere

Things have been rather quiet here recently… Not because nothing was happening on reproducible research, but mainly because I was not sure about the purposes and use of this Blog. Please feel free to let me know if you have any feelings about the use or lack of use for such a blog.

After some interesting discussions about reproducible research and open access, some colleagues have reported about our reproducible research initiatives on their blogs:
– Peter Murray-Rust wrote an article “ Open Data is critical for Reproducible Research” on his blog at University of Cambridge. He is quite active on Open Access to publications and data in chemistry. He and his colleagues have built a robot that extracts cristallographic information from publications and gathers them in an online database CristalEye. In their community, they also have the Blue Obelisk which collects open source code and data in chemistry.
– Peter Suber referred to reproducible research on his Open Access News blog: OA for text, data, and code to make research reproducible. Peter is a policy strategist for open access to scientific and scholarly research literature. On his blog, he gives a lot of news about new initiatives, publishing policies, etc.

And thanks of course also to Stevan Harnad for his kind and helpful reactions, and for bringing me into contact with these people!