Monthly Archives: November 2008

Seven presentations on RR

Sergey Fomel just told me about a special session on reproducible research at the “Berlin 6 Open Access Conference” in Dusseldorf, Germany. Presentations from the conference are available online.

Sergey Fomel and Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen gave presentations in geophysics. Patrick Vandewalle and Jelena Kovacevic gave presentations in signal processing. Mark Liberman, Kai von Fintel, and Steven Krauwer gave presentations related to language and technology.

Video of the presentations is available here.

The Fastware project

Thomas Guest has a new blog post Books, blogs, comments and code samples discussing the challenges of writing a book that contains code samples, may be rendered to multiple devices as well as paper, etc. He points to a project by author Scott Meyers called Fastware that explores ways of meeting these challenges. I haven’t had time to explore Fastware yet, but it sounds like it is concerned with some of the same problems that come up in reproducible research.

Berlin 6 Open Access Conference

Last week, I attended the Berlin 6 Open Access Conference in Düsseldorf (Germany). It was an interesting conference, on different aspects of Open Access: making publications freely available online. There was a wide variety of talks, from publishers’ perspectives over financial models for Open Access and open standards,  to benefits of Open Access for developed and developing countries.

One of the sessions was organized by Mark Liberman around the topic of reproducible research. I gave a talk there about my experiences with reproducible research, but that’s not what I want to talk about here. I found it very interesting to see the wide range of subjects and perspectives that Mark gathered in that session. Slides of the entire session are available here for those who are interested.

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