I am glad to announce you our new website on reproducible research: Yes, as I already discussed before, various sites on this topic recently (or less recently) popped up. However, I still think this site can add something extra to the existing sites. First of all, it is mainly addressing the signal/image processing community, a research domain not specifically addressed in the other sites yet.

It contains information on reproducible research and how to make signal processing research reproducible. It also lists references to articles about reproducible research, a discussion forum, and various other related links.

And then, in my opinion an important extra to signal processing interested people. We added a listing of links to papers for which code/data are available (with of course links to them). I really believe this can be extremely useful when doing research. For copyright reasons, we cannot (in most cases) host the PDF on our own site, and I am also not sure we should want to. But if developed and maintained well, this can give a one-stop site when looking for code/data related to a paper. So please feel free to send me your additions. I will be happy to add all signal/image processing related works!

I’m really excited about this site, so let me know what you think!

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