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I seem to be dwelling quite some time on the web lately… After my post about the lifetime of URLs, here’s one about domain names and reproducibility. I recently noticed when looking around that there are quite some websites and domain names related to reproducible research. is an overview website by John D. Cook containing links to reproducible research projects, articles about the topics, and relevant tools. It also contains a blog about reproducible ideas. is owned by the people at Blue Reference, who created Inference for Office, a commercial tool to perform reproducible research from within Microsoft Office. is used by Sergey Fomel and his colleagues as home for their Madagascar open source package for reproducible research experiments. is a reproducible research archive maintained by R. Peng at Johns Hopkins School, where the goal is to host a place for reproducible research packages.

Quite a range of domain names containing the word “reproducible” (or a derivative), if you ask me! And then I didn’t even start about the Open Research or Research 2.0 sites. Let’s hope this also means that research itself will soon see a big boost in reproducibility!

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    Research will always be a high dollar category. The domains you have mentioned are short and specific. If developed correctly they could be a valuable addition to the internet and the field of science.


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