Our reproducible research paper

We (Jelena Kovacevic, Martin Vetterli, and me) recently submitted a paper on reproducible research to IEEE Signal Processing Magazine: “What, Why and How of Reproducible Research in Signal Processing“. It describes our experiences with reproducible research at LCAV (EPFL) and CMU, as well as a study on reproducibility of articles that appeared in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (to which many people contributed). Feel free to take a look!

It also describes a setup for putting reproducible research publications online, about which I hope to post more info soon. One thing I already want to mention is that it is freely available for download!

We also did some advertizing for this paper recently by e-mail, and I must admit it is always nice to see the reactions you get… ! It was also picked up in the blogosphere by John Cook, hosting www.reproducibleresearch.org, here and here, and by Greg Wilson on The Third Bit.

But more about reproducible research soon…

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